For Investors

With over 75 years of combined experience in the Capital Markets, Deniad is well positioned to help investors identify alternative investments which meet the investor’s specified criteria. From deep insight into the needs of both investors and fund managers, we understand how to align investment managers’ goals with investors’ long-term interests.

For Fund Managers

Deniad provides consulting services for alternative investment managers who seek to improve the effectiveness of their fund marketing efforts. Deniad’s process focuses on enhancing and extending the manager’s marketing capabilities and assuring that the fund’s business infrastructure is ready to accept additional newly-raised capital.

For Startups

Deniad offers guidance to companies seeking growth capital. Deniad’s process focuses assuring that the entrepreneur and their venture are prepared to optimally use additional capital. We have provided guidance to a broad range of startups and early-stage companies, ranging from medical devices and social media to “green” energy and sustainable agriculture.